The Journal of a Missionary

Curious about the life of a missionary? Want to know what being a missionary really looks like? It can appear really glamorous and rewarding but its not always rainbows and butterflies…

The Modern Day Girl Next Door

Peeling back the curtain and exposing the modern day girl next door… and it’s not pretty. After working on the front lines for a ministry that fights sexual exploitation, it has become inherently clear that we need to make room for a much needed conversation.

Why I’m Not Religious

Addressing the word “Christian” – the heaviness of the word, the history of pain it carries, and the countless personal testimonies of resentment, confusion, and betrayal attributed with the label.

Traveling the Road Less Traveled

Being stripped from technology for 3 months and living to tell the tale… all about how it shaped me, my observations about myself and societal norms, living in freedom and traveling the road less traveled. Enjoy and be blessed ❤

Hello from Riga, Latvia!

In this letter, I will get into how God led me here, what I am doing here, future plans, my overall experience with YWAM Pismo Beach, California, and outreach to Nicaragua and Belize. Be blessed ❤

Off to Nicaragua & Belize!!

Writing this on the way to Nicaragua! I am off on a 3 month missions trip with an amazing, courageous family of 12! Follow the adventure ❤️

Pink Skies

We adventured to Big Sur, California and camped under the stars! It was such a magical, impactful time I will remember forever ❤

How to STOP BINGE Eating!

Some tips and tricks that have helped me end my bad relationship with food. Food is fuel not comfort or the enemy ❤

BOHO, CHIC Room Decor!!

I figured since I was moving, it would be nice to do a room decor blog for future inspiration!

Microwave Culture

Today, waiting is not popular. Hate to burst your bubble but overnight success is a lie…