1. Camping Essentials😳
  2. Vegan options and recommendations😋
  3. Outfits💋
  4. Roo tips😏
  5. Overall review of Roo ’17‼️

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This festie is a HOT one🔥, so be prepared. It got up to 90 degrees the last 2 days. If we didn’t bring a canopy I would have probably left. No joke. We really debated getting a canopy because they can be a bit pricy but if you split it among your squad it is so worth it. We also hung a bunch of tapestries around our canopy which was great for more shade, privacy and just looked really cute. There are very few trees at Roo. It is held in a giant field. The only little wooded area is near pod 7 or “The Grind”. Sets don’t end until 3am the first 3 nights (12am the last night) so naps during the day are a must. I highly recommend bringing a hammock and tying it up in the wooded area during the day and getting some ZZZs in so you can go hard later in the day.  Your tent will become a sauna during the day and the sunlight will wake you up around 6am. We had battery operated fans which were a life savor. Bring a bathing suit! There’s water slides and a huge fountain you can cool off in. A camel back is another must have. We shared it and switched off wearing it. I also decorated mine with pins and wristbands of festies I’ve been to!


I don’t own a sleeping bag so I just brought my comforter to sleep on, blanket and pillow. There wasn’t enough room in our car but it would be smart to bring a yoga mat to sleep on as well! You can also bring it to the yoga sessions they have twice every morning. We went to one and it was so fun and packed so get there early!

Showers… lol. We didn’t to be honest. They were $7 so we showered in the fountains near the showers at pod 7 which worked just as well as a shower. They were freezing but felt so good in the 600 degree heat. I brought little reusable shampoo, conditioner, soap containers. We also used baby wipes, dry shampoo and baby powder. The baby powder I use is scented and smells amazing and also a cheaper alternative to dry shampoo which runs out of product rather quickly. Sounds gross but you gotta do what you gotta do. It is a camping festival so embrace the experience!!


2 words… portable chargers!! There’s charging stations at “The Grind” but they were almost always taken. My best advice is to get there early like right when you wake up, claim a charger and take your fountain shower while it’s not a free for all. I left my phone charging while I took a nap in my hammock. Bonnaroo is a very trustworthy community but use your own judgement. If you don’t have a Mophie case… what are you doing with your life? lol They are a life savor in general but extra useful at a festival. Definitely doesn’t keep your phone protected though. My phone shattered with it on while I was at Roo but I drop my phone all of the time so I’m probably not the best advocate for its durability.


Let me know what are some of your camping must haves?? 


Ok straight up Roo needs to step up its vegan game☹️ I legit was known as the girl that only ate peanut butter and jellys lol. *Side note* Someone I met taught me how to correctly make a PB&J and it changed the game for me so I had to share. You have to put the peanut butter on both sides of the bread and the jelly in the middle. You do this so the jelly doesn’t get the bread all soggy… genius… I know… mind blown. Also, let me know… do you like jelly, jam or preserves? This was a hot debate. Ok but in all seriousness, “The Grind” had avocado toast with tomato but it was one slice for like $6… Food overall was crazy expensive and not big enough portions. 3 watermelon slices were $6 and one night I got a burrito for $12 which was cold :/ The only stand I really recommend is the Avocado Bowl, it was located just outside of the entrance into the festival. They had amazing power bowls which were about $12 but very filling, fresh, great flavor and satisfying. I recommend packing your food. DO NOT rely on vendors. They’re overpriced and not worth it. For my fellow vegans, I recommend peanut butter and jelly of course, Cliff Bars (protein), Naked juice, nuts, Veggie Straws, pasta salad, Lenny & Larry’s cookies (packed with protein), Shanti bars (hella protein), and avocados (make your own avocado toast for breakfast). If you’re bringing a stove, your options are endless!!

I’m always looking for new dank vegan foods! Got any favorites??🥝🥑🍵


DAY 1:


These combat boots were soooo comfy!!! I danced in them all night✨✨


DAY 2: 


Sandals aren’t the best to dance in or even walk in… lol the laces fall down consistently. I ended up going back and putting on other shoes.


DAY 3: 


Probably my favorite outfit; so comfy and trendy😉


DAY 4: 


I loooved this outfit so much! I felt like Miley for the day😜


What’s your fav outfit!?? Leave a comment! Also let me know if you would like a tutorial on  some festival hairstyles. 

Roo Tips

I know you’re probably all wondering how the security is at Roo so don’t worry… I got you. We heard before going that the police thoroughly search every 100 car so we did the absolute most lmao. Some girls put alcohol in perfume and shampoo bottles. We also hid some stuff in a Captain Crunch box and dead ass hot glued it back together smh… it was not that serious. We arrived at about 3am which was perfect because there was 0 traffic and everyone was just tired and trying to get everyone in ASAP. A staff member legit opened our trunk, picked up the cereal *my heart stopped* and said, “Looks like Captain Crunch to me,” and said we were good to go… we lost it when we got back in the car. They didn’t go through any bags or move anything around really. The every 100 car thorough check may be true but our neighbors hid a bunch of 30s of beer under their clothes. Seriously wasn’t anything to stress about. The workers want to you to have a good time and keep the line moving.


My biggest tip about any festival is to go with a good crew. The people you go with can either be a big buzz kill or make your experience one you will never forget. Choose people that will be positive, go with the flow kinds of people. Make friends with your neighbors! Introduce yourself as you’re setting up your tents! Our neighbors became our best friends. I still talk to them all the time and have all their socials. You also never know when you will need something you forgot to bring and may need a neighbors help.

Bonnaroo is huge and the stages are pretty far apart. We had to sprint from stage to stage to make it to each set we wanted to. We did have to make some hard decisions to choose some artists over others. I definitely would utilize the Roo app where you can organize a schedule! The stage names can get a bit confusing but also hilarious “Who”, “What”, “Which”, “That” and “This” stage… I know… So walk around and familiarize yourself during the day so you don’t get lost and miss an amazing set. Trust me when I say from 7PM til 3AM it is back to back to back fire… 0 breaks. There’s always an artist on that you will want to see.

What’s your favorite festival and why??

Overall Review of Roo ’17

10/10 would recommend. The lineup was incredible… I’ll post it below, it just speaks for itself. As soon as the tickets go on sale, our entire squad is buying tickets again. I’ve been to a lot of festivals and this is definitely one of my favorites. A few things Roo could improve of is food prices and/or portion sizes and timing sets better so you don’t have to pick and choose and miss artists you want to see. They really can’t do anything about the heat and shade (pretty sure it is farmland the rest of the year so they can’t plant trees). I absolutely loved the fact that this festival embraces all different genres from rap to reggae to EDM to pop and even country. This attracts a variety of people so you get your fratty people, hippie people, wookie people and even families. Bathrooms and water fountains were great. All around amazing time. Hope to see you there next year!!


Have you ever been to Bonnaroo!?? How was your experience? 



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