Evening Reflection 7/26

  1. What did God teach me today?
  2. What made today great?
  3. What can I learn from today?

  1. God taught me the importance of imperfection, of rawness and relaxation. It is important to challenge oneself and to strive to be the best you can be but also important to realize perfection is unobtainable. I have always been a perfectionist and a little OCD. My mom told me even when I was a child I would rearrange furniture until I was satisfied and would work way too long on a single assignment until it was perfect in my eyes. Never feeling like anything is good enough or complete, hinders growth and the ability to move forward. I will always be stuck in one place if I never move on to the next thing. I must embrace imperfections and find the beauty in them. It is OK to take a day off from working out or post a blog post without proof reading it a million times. Jesus was perfect so I didn’t have to be.
  2. I really enjoyed playing with the kids today. I work at a preschool, in a classroom with 12 two year olds. The head teacher left last Friday, leaving me and one other teacher (We’ve both only worked there a few months). Safe to say it has been pretty hectic and hard to handle. Today we had extra help in the morning. It was so nice to actually have time to play with the kids and spend time with them. Instead of losing my mind trying to control them all because we don’t have enough hands. It makes it so worth it when the kids all want to hold my hand when we walk down the halls so they have to hold a finger each instead. Or when Peggy runs up to me randomly for a hug or Harrison kisses my cheek. When Nola or Sienna says, “I love you Ms. Alex.” People do not work in childcare for the money… they choose it because it is difficult but that much more rewarding. Children are pure, innocent (sometimes) joy. They can remind us to not take life so seriously, speak our mind, be curious, be loud, be dependent and be affectionate.
  3. I can learn to take a break, to let go and be easy on myself.

Goodnight 🙂



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