Morning Reflection 7/30

  1. Reflect on morning prayer.
  2. What am I thankful for?
  3. What is my goal of the day?

  1. In John 4:15, the woman at the well tells Jesus of the constant struggle of always having to return to the well to quench her thirst. She lives in and out of marriages, searching for love and acceptance. We all do this. We find instant gratification from being lazy, binge eating, revenge, lust, selfish acts, possessions etc. When that quick satisfaction leaves us, we are left with guilt, confusion, emptiness and even more lost than we ever were before. Only falling into the same pattern, just to feel anything again for a few seconds. This is the lie that is sin. Recently, I’ve been horrified by public figures that glorify themselves as gods and mock Christianity. Music videos like HUMBLE by Kendrick Lamar and rappers like Big Sean have glamorized sin and the devil. Basically selling their soul for fame. The saddest part is they appear to have it all. Younger, more easily influence people look up to these people who look like they don’t have a single worry. They have the girls, the money, the nice cars and house and they are set. But that is far from the truth because inside they are lost, they don’t know true love, acceptance or God. True love will always win. Goodness will always triumph. Jesus says he will quench our thirst and satisfy our every need. He never leaves us or disappoints us. He knows our hearts and what we truly need, and that is a savior.
  2. I am thankful for loyalty. For friends and family that have stood by my side no matter what ❤ Unconditional love.
  3. My goal of the day is to relax. I have a few things I would like to get done today so I plan to get those out of the way. Then just enjoy time with friends so I can be fresh and ready for a new work week.

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