Morning Reflection 7/31

  1. Reflect on morning prayer.
  2. What am I thankful for?
  3. What is my goal of the day?

  1. Throughout Jesus’ human life on earth, He faces many altercations with religious authority who use scripture for debate. He calls many people out that are very well versed in scripture, yet do not know Him and do not apply the words to their own lives. I’ve noticed many Christians, myself included, use bible verses as ammo and completely miss the point in the process. It is much more important to know Jesus and have a relationship with Him, than to memorize the entire bible and have a verse at the ready. Someone could be genuinely interested and open to the idea of Christianity, only for the opportunity to be ruined with a debate. When evangalising our brothers and sisters we must teach the love, freedom, salvation, forgiveness and acceptance that God offers us. Jesus did not discriminate or turn away sinners. He welcomed everyone and taught love. “Let all that you do be done in love.” -Corinthians 16:14 Jesus does not appoint us to put down others or label anyone as a sinner. We are all sinners and need Jesus. He orders us to protect the helpless, forgive the sinful, and offer hope in hopeless situations. The Bible prepares us for everlasting life, not a debate.
  2. I am thankful for my best friend coming home tomorrow 🙂 It’s been 5 months since I’ve seen him!!
  3. My goal of the day is to be there for my mom. She has to put down her dog today… I know what it is like to lose your companion. Having a close pet is a telepathic bond that no one can truly understand unless you’ve had it for yourself. I know it will be really hard for her to let go. I just pray that she is comforted and knows it is for the best. I am confident we will all see our furry friends again in heaven one day ❤

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