What I WISH I Knew Before Going VEGAN!!

This is all based off personal experience!


All I heard about being vegan when I was first researching the lifestyle, were all of the amazing effects: energy level increase, weight loss, healthy skin, longer life span, eliminating cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, reducing allergies, less intense PMS symptoms, preventing risks of the fatal diseases, etc. The reasons and benefits were endless and exciting! But, what most people failed to include was the intense detoxing process.

Personally, my face broke out, I gained weight, and felt like I took a laxative almost every day for a good month. Not pretty, I know, but someone’s gotta talk about it. Breaking out, I learned is a normal experience when going vegan, because your body is getting rid of all of the junk, toxins, and pus that you were putting inside your body for years. I can now say that I have the best skin I’ve ever had and it was so worth it.

The main reason I gained a few pounds is truthfully because I was coming from a bad relationship with food. I was recovering from a year long eating disorder and was finally putting nutrients back into my body. My body wasn’t used to taking in so many calories. By cutting out meat, dairy and eggs from my diet, I was very excited to discover products like vegan ice cream, Mac n ‘cheese’, fake meats, and plenty of other vegan junk foods. It is easy to get carried away and indulge, but over time I began to crave smoothies, acai bowls, fruits, peanut butter, veggies, whole wheat pasta, burritos, and healthier vegan meals. I am currently in the best shape of my life. I eat whatever I crave until I am satisfied without ever feeling guilty. I not only weigh less but I am healthy. 

My body also flushed out a ton of toxins within my digestive system. I am trying to put this as nicely as possible lol… I immediately cut out all meat, dairy and eggs overnight. I basically watched too many speeches and documentaries and was permanently scarred. I couldn’t look at animal products the same. Making such a drastic change definitely resulted in an intense detox. Just know that it is a healthy and necessary change. Animal products clearly do not belong in the human body.

Good news is there are some preventative measures you can take so your switch isn’t so dramatic on your body. You can ease into the lifestyle by cutting out certain foods one by one and/or take it easy on the vegan junk foods. Just because they’re vegan, doesn’t mean they are healthy. Some are filled with a bunch of chemicals. Personally, I stay away from excessive amounts of soy because it upsets my stomach. There are plenty of other great alternatives. Cashew milk, ice cream and cheese are my favorites!!


People say vegans are annoying (some are) but OMG meat eaters are soooooo annoying! Be warned! People will love to tell you that you aren’t getting enough protein, that you are killing plants, that being vegan doesn’t give you all of the nutrients you need, etc etc. They will pick a fight with you and try to debate. My best advice is to just be knowledgeable and have all of the facts. Watch documentaries and speeches (I will list a few of my favorites below) Be confident in your lifestyle and keep calm. Know when to engage in a conversation because someone is genuinely interest vs. knowing when to walk away when someone is just looking to argue. It can be really frustrating when people are closed-minded but just move on and use that energy on someone who will actually open their hearts to the idea ❤


For me, the single handed worst thing about being vegan isn’t missing out on foods, although I do miss some… it is the need to buy and try anything just because it is vegan. My best friend and I are vegan and if we see a new vegan product on the market or vegan restaurant we have to have it. The other day we were in a 7-11 and saw a new range of vegan granola bars and we legit bought every single one. I also feel like I have to support vegan brands so being vegan becomes more and more popular and normal. Your dollar is your vote!


101 Reasons to go Vegan

Best Speech You’ll Ever Hear


On Netflix:

  • What the Health
  • Cowspiracy
  • Forks Over Knives




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