A Weekend I Will Not FORGET

I spent the most amazing weekend with my Grandma. My grandma is my mother figure, my biggest supporter and my friend. We have so much in common. We just get each other. I tried to soak in the time with her and listen as much as possible. She has lived an adventure filled life. When I was little, I would paint the stories of her past in my mind like a black and white old movie. Now, I am able to see all of the similarities between us. We have made a lot of the same mistakes and have learned the same things. There was so much I could now take in and apply to my own life. Saving myself from heartache by learning hard lessons the easy way, through her. I am grateful to be able to really appreciate the power in having a grandmother.

She has also shown me the happiness found in the little things. She buys 5 cent books from a local bookstore and devours them. A good meal and ice cream brings the biggest smile to her face. Newborns and children bring her so much joy. She goes out of her way to give compliments to strangers and always says, “What a gentleman,” whenever a man opened the door for us. She appreciates nature and knows all the names of trees, flowers, and gemstones. She actually did a backpacking trip with an a geologist rather recently!!

She absolutely spoiled me. I haven’t been shopping in close to two years. It was difficult for me to accept all of the gifts. She assured me that she was having more fun than I was and she wouldn’t stop! She loved dressing me and watching me try things on. She is an absolute angel. She believes in me so much and wants the best for me. I have never received such adornment, understanding, acceptance and true love. I pray that I will make her proud and I can repay all of the people that have believed and invested in me.


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