With HIM You Cannot FAIL

$2,150 has been donated so far for my bible schooling and mission! From family and from absolute strangers… The love and support is so incredibly overwhelming. People believe in me and God’s call. It is also a lot of pressure. I want to leave a mark on this world. I want to save people and make God known. The fear of failure is a lie from the devil. It is a fear that inhibits growth and the movement of love.

I have always been a perfectionist. My mom always called me the ‘perfect child’ growing up. I had a standard to live up to and was so scared to fall short of that. Of course, I’m not perfect! That is such a ridiculous, boring expectation. It took me a long time to realize that…

Blogging has really helped me to release some of the built up expectations I’ve made for myself. It has pushed me to just write. Posting daily doesn’t give me much allowance to reread and pick apart every word I put out there. I don’t have time to overthink and reevaluate. I accept that I am not for everyone and some will not relate, but some will. By being candid and open, I’ve attracted genuine readers and gifted bloggers with inspiring interests, questions and curiosities. I’ve only grown when being unapologetically myself. I am learning to embrace my thoughts that are outside of the box and what makes me, me.

Clique, but you are here for a reason. You are a force in this world and you have a purpose. Do not settle for an average life. Have dreams and chase after them. Do not sell yourself short. Take risks. I am scared of failure, but I am more afraid of looking back on my life and regretting never trying. Try with God. For He can move mountains. He knows the way and the answers because He is the way and He is the answer. Be bold and be confident, for your creator loves you and is on your side. Fear is irrational. We can never truly fail, because God has a greater plan. For every failure there is a lesson. Embrace His  plan and His grace. Fall back on Him. Tell Him your dreams, worries and fears and He will give you His strength and wisdom. He will move mountains for you. He loves you.



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