5 Ways to Make QUICK, EASY Money!!

I recently moved to a house for the summer and am moving again in a few days to California!! Moving makes you realize how much stuff you haven’t touched for months or even years… It was such a pain to move everything I knew I didn’t want or need. I had tons of clothes, jewelry, sunglasses, shoes, makeup, bags, perfumes, phone cases etc. just sitting in my room, taking up space. I would tell myself I needed to hold on to certain items for a hypothetical future situation or just for the memories. Once I shifted my mindset into viewing unused items as potential food/rent money, it was much easier to let go. Besides, who needs clothing items to bring back memories when we have access to tons of pictures right on our phones! With all of the money I made selling clothes, I am able to go shopping for anything I want for any upcoming events.

  1. Uptown Cheapskate 

Uptown Cheapskate is a fantastic first option for selling clothes. I suggest taking your items here before posting them on an app, because you don’t have to do the work of taking pictures, packaging, and mailing each item. Uptown Cheapskate will give you the highest price and is the least picky out of all the resale clothing stores I’ve been to. But be warned, they tend to accept name-brand items that are in very good condition.

2. Poshmark

So, what about all of your t-shirts, sweatpants, sweatshirts, non-name brand items, or clothes that aren’t in mint condition? I have found huuuge success on the Poshmark app! I was able to sell over 120 items and made $500!! I am a top 10% seller for sales and the top-rated seller on the site. My biggest advice is to settle for a small sale rather than none at all. Something is better than nothing! Take advantage of the bundle discount setting. I have mine set to 30% off for 3 or more items purchased. This entices your shoppers to buy more, which means less clutter for you and more money in your pocket. Shipping out orders is very easy. Once you have made a sale, Poshmark will send you a pre-paid shipping label. Any post office will have free mailing boxes and a designated spot to staple or tape your printed label. I like to add a little note as a nice touch just to say thank you. This creates good reviews and returning customers!

3. Let Go

Let Go is an app that is perfect for selling your furniture, cars, household items, etc!! Simply list your items and potential buyers will message you with inquiries.

4. Donating 

If all else fails and you can’t sell some items, donating actually does benefit you financially! Just ask your accountant for a Non Cash Charitable Contributions/Donations Worksheet and make sure to get a reciept when you donate to places like Goodwill or Salvation Army. This way, you can write off your donations and owe fewer taxes!

5. Pray

And last, but certainly not least, pray! God will provide. He takes care of His people. Put your trust and faith in Him. Follow His plan for you, even if it may seem impossible, unfathomable, or unconventional. He is an all-knowing God. He will reward those who follow Him and dedicate their lives to Him. I have been blessed to raise over 6,000 dollars this month for my bible schooling and mission to Nicaragua. People gave out of the kindness of their hearts, who believed in His power and love. I am so incredibly thankful that God is using me and letting me be apart of His work. All Glory be to God ❤


My Poshmark

My LetGo



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  1. 97 says:

    These tips were inspiring, especially the faith-based one! Thank you for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ALEXxCARTER says:

      Yay!! I’m so happy to hear that😊 God bless


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