We spent today touring our surrounding cities and praying for each one. Throughout the day, I asked God to use me as a vessel and tell me how he wanted to proceed in prayer or action. I was given the name of a girl on our DTS 3 times who’s birthday is today! I asked if I could pray for her and thanked God for her, wished her a happy birthday and asked Jesus to make her feel at home, even though her family is back in Austria. In the city of Oceano, our leader told us of the rising rates in gang activity in the city. When splitting into groups for prayer, I prayed that the people may feel less lost. That they would run to our Father’s open arms. To leave this world behind and see it for all of its evil temptations. I prayed that they come together to find strength and a friend in Jesus. And they may find comfort in knowing that His love is the only true love we need.


We all went to the beach that afternoon, played volleyball and stuck our feet in the ocean. Our DTS leader, Sam, pointed out a whale flapping its tail out at sea. It was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen!

In the evening, we went to San Luis Obispo for the weekly Farmer’s market. One of our leaders, Lori, orchestrated a scavenger hunt:

  1. Sample a fruit
  2. Sample an almond
  3. Get an autograph from a musician
  4. Get a picture with the bear
  5. Buy a flower
  6. Get a picture with the gum wall

It was so much fun racing around exploring and getting to know each other more. Our group won! We got Starbucks gift cards ayy.



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