The Cemetery

Our leader asked us today, “Where can you find the most treasure in the world?”


We answered with the Bible, heaven, Jesus, your heart, etc.


He said, “No, you’re wrong. In the graveyard, because the cemetery holds

dreams that never became a reality,

poems never written,

worship songs never sung,

love never experienced,

revivalist that never saw revival.


All of those things died with those people.


When Jesus died on that cross, there was nothing more or less He could of done. He said, “it is finished.”


Die empty. Do everything you were supposed to do with God. Live with Him, live with your maker, live with the one who romances you and leaves you in awe.


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  1. I first heard the statement of “wanting to die empty” from Myles Munroe. Here it is again on your blog.

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