“…and deeper still.”

Grace: the life transforming gift of God that will keep you and sustain you. Grace is getting what you don’t deserve vs. Mercy: not getting what you do deserve.

“The grace of God is dangerous. It’s lavish, excessive, outrageous, and scandalous. God’s grace is ridiculously inclusive. Apparently God doesn’t care who he loves. He’s not careful about the people He calls friends or the people He calls His church.”

–Mike Yaconelli

We are so aware of our shortcomings, but there is no limit to God’s grace and abilities. He is THAT good. There’s no boundaries to who He chooses to save.

Waaay back when, there were people who wanted to measure the depth of the ocean. They would travel by boat and drop a rope. Then, they would record the coordinates of their location and how many arm lengths of the rope it took to reach the bottom of the ocean floor. In some parts of the ocean, the rope wasn’t long enough the reach the bottom. In these cases, they would record the max rope length “…and deeper still.” This is how we can measure God’s grace. When we think our sin is too great, too bad, and could never be forgiven, God’s grace is deeper still. Although our past may look like a monster, that keeps us captive, God looks at it like a small ant that can be easily conquered.

“Grace is never cheap. It is absolutely free to us, but infinitely expensive to God. Any who is prone to use grace as a license for irresponsible sinful behavior, surely does not appreciate the infinite price God paid to give us His grace.”

-Jerry Bridges

The only sacrifice required to enter a holy place is thanksgiving. In lecture, we were encouraged to write a thank you note to God for all he has given us that we don’t deserve. I invite you to do the same 🙂 Here is mine:

Dear Father,

I thank you for rescuing me. For showing me your grace and saving me from a world of darkness and a life without meaning. I thank you for seeing something in me. I thank you for leading me to this place and giving me countless chances. I thank you for giving me a way out by sacrificing your only son for me. I thank you for rebuilding my life and for giving me purpose. I thank you for showing me your beauty, love, and safety. I thank you for giving me a growing confidence and choosing to work on me. Thank you for spending time with me. I thank you for speaking to me and showing me your light. I thank you for giving me people in my life that have loved me and cared for me more than I ever thought possible. I thank you for conquering my sins. I thank you for being you, so powerful and all knowing. I’m thankful that I cannot conceive the endless realm of your capabilities. I’m thankful that my past of sin is not too great, that your grace is greater. I am thankful that you can use my sin to show your glory and goodness. I love you and I promise to love you for the rest of my days. I promise to follow you and allow you to lead me.

Your daughter,





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