Our lives, as Christians, should look differently than others. By Jesus living boldly, others began to ask themselves, “What does He know that I don’t know?” The Bible is our permission slip for adventure. The word Agapo is used to describe God’s definition of love. Agapo means a higher love. 

1 Cor. 12:31- “…I will give you directions for a journey over a mountain pass.” 


We can plan our hike, but there is no way to know what rocks, challenges, and obstacles we will encounter during our journey. Like life, we cannot predict what the future holds, how others will act and what challenges lie ahead. But through God’s grace we are able to depend on God for patience, kindness, and gentleness. We are empowered through Christ to approach all people and situations with love, grace and humility. For we know through faith that the view and final destination is beautiful and the greatest reward.


There is honor and responsibility in being a Christian. We must learn to say, “no”. To give up what our flesh desires. When we say no, we don’t subdue loneliness with lust. Envy with gossip. Boredom with TV or social media (although some Batchelor doesn’t hurt, that’s biblical). We can take refuge in Him. We can treat each day as a blessing and an opportunity to learn more and dive deeper. We live lives that are consistent to our actions and what is coming out of our mouths. Our flesh wants new and shiny, God’s grace gives us a new and shiny soul, one that is everlasting and eternal.


First, we must lead others into a relationship with Jesus, before we can address their questions. Show them love, rather than attack them with scripture and facts. Asking questions before entering a relationship is asking questions with an apprehensive heart, unknowing God’s character and basing questions off of human relationships and tendencies.


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