The closest thing we have to magic

Growing up, my whole family loved Harry Potter. It was how we connected and came together. We went to every premiere. My grandpa would dress up as Dumbledore and sort my brother, cousin and I into our rightful houses, sorting hat and all. I was always Herminie and the boys would fight over who got to be Harry and who was stuck with Ron. My grandma would orchestrate elaborate missions, spell books, and treasure maps. We loved getting lost in the magic, fantasy world. We loved the mystery and childlike wonder it brought us.


Then we grew up, as children do, and the parents could no longer live through our innocence. We realized that it was all pretend and make believe. That this wizarding world was not a real place… but I soon discovered something much greater, more powerful, and magnificent, and the best part is, it’s real.


God encourages that childlike wonder and makes miracles out of ordinary objects. His magic is raw, purposeful, and liberating. He is an extraordinary, creative God. He creates wine out of water. He heals the blind, sick and crippled. He invites us on this adventure, to witness and be apart of miracles that will blow our minds. Supernatural, unexplainable things that we can’t wrap our brains around.


It is my prayer that Jesus will bring my family together again. That we will all fall head over heals for Him and share that childlike wonder once again. As servants we have the privilege to see God work, see lives transform and watch the impossible happen. I have faith that God will extend His grace to all people in crazy ways which will empower us all to pay it forward. When you build God’s house, He will build yours ❤



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