In the beginning…


This week marks the beginning of week 3 attending YWAM. I feel blessed beyond belief, truly happy, filled with joy, challenged, hopeful, and excited for the future to come. I’ve quickly learned that I am full of questions… and no one here is scared of my questions! In fact, they embrace them, and I am pleased to find that there is (just about) an answer to each one. Learning has given me a new found passion and eagerness to know more. Although, if we were able to know all there is to know about God, He wouldn’t be all that great and infinite. That is something I will reluctantly have to come to terms with.


This week’s speaker is diving into the character and nature of God. He is more theologically focused, which I find reassuring because I’ve finally found someone who shares the same thought process as I do. Someone who’s faith thrives off of learning more about God and is ignited by finding answers. Today, he invited us to explore the beginning… In Genesis, it tells us that the beginning was creation, but there is a flaw in this. If God is an infinite being and time moves in each direction, past and future, then God existed before He created the heavens and the earth, light and life.


Previously, pastors and believers answered my question, “Why create humans who sin, destroy, curse their creator, and disobey?” by saying that God was lonely. But if we refer to John 1:1, “The Word was with God, and the Word was God. God created everything through him.” John refers to the holy trinity. A perfect, loving relationship, that existed before creation. For loneliness to occur, there must be an absence of relationship. God created humans for the same reason a married couple decides to conceive… because they have so much love to give and want to create a being that could share their love for life. Parents are aware that their children may reject them, disobey and could even harm themselves, but the risk is worth it. Parents would even sacrifice their own life to give their children a chance to live… sound familiar? This is how much the Father loves each and every one of us. He was willing to suffer and die for us, so we “…may have life and have it abundantly.” (John 10:10) ❤


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  1. Your Grandma says:

    I love you Alex, I miss you and I am very proud of you. Your Grams

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