The Butterfly Effect

How sad and unfortunate would it be if a caterpillar were to transform into a beautiful butterfly, yet still identify itself as a caterpillar… What if it still crawled in the dirt unaware that it could lift off into new heights?


And we would never say, “Wow! Look at that caterpillar that has been through the process of metamorphosis!” We say, “Wow! Look at that butterfly!”


We are sinners that are in desperate need of a savior. Jesus came and payed the ultimate price for our sins, cleansing us with His blood making us pure and holy before God. Through this we are no longer seen as sinners but are identified by God as new creations. We are not identified as sinners saved by grace. Once accepting Christ, we are new creations. Period.


We must stop labeling ourselves as and living like sinners. Why are we content crawling in the mud, in the same pattern of shame and guilt, when God has given us wings and the ability to be righteous? God has transformed us. Without a revelation of our new identity, we will continue to live out of our old identity.


If we continue to say we are sinners, it gives us a pass and an expectation to go on sinning because “it is in our nature”, “it is unavoidable”, and “God will forgive us anyways”. As humans, we have this need to earn the title of righteousness but this is impossible.

“For it is by grace that you have been saved through faith, not by works, it is a gift from God.” -Ephesians 2:8


So let us not only acknowledge, but appreciate the transformation God has gifted us. Better yet, let’s glorify God and give Him praise by putting to use our new wings. Let us put our old lives behind, step out in faith, and become fishers of men!

God bless.



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