Microwave Culture

Today, waiting is not popular. Hate to burst your bubble but overnight success is a lie…

There was a study that tracked the practiced hours of violinists in Germany. They found that the elite violinists practiced for 10,000 hours in their lifetime, whereas, the mediocre ones practiced about 4,000. Success takes time, effort, and determination.


We live in a contradicting world, we wait for nothing. Your amazon package will arrive tomorrow, you can have your uber arrive in minutes, your question will be answered in seconds on google and you can even have chips delivered to your door in less than 30 minutes from grubhub. So what do you mean I have to be patient and diligent to be successful?

We live in a microwave culture but we have an agricultural God. Jesus spoke in metaphors of trees that take decades to grow, seeds, and pruning. Moses spent 40 years being a somebody, 40 years being a nobody, and 40 years seeing what God can do with a nobody. He went on to lead a nation out of slavery and his legacy lives on to today. I would say that is a pretty successful life… but Moses did his fair share of waiting in order to get there.

fullsizeoutput_454aThere are 3 lessons we can learn from Moses’ lifetime:

  1. Purify your personality

In the beginning of Moses’ story, he kills a man after witnessing him beat a slave. Passionate and dramatic people are beautiful; they start movements, create fantastic novels, and direct powerful movies, but unbridled passion is dangerous. We may ask ourselves, ‘Why aren’t my passions matching up to my purpose?’ Because we are not allowing God to come in and purify our passions. We must affirm sanctified drama. When we don’t it turns into gossip, rumors, and even murder, in Moses’ case. We can learn from any personality test that we have a best and worst version of ourselves.

2. Purify your pain

God is so good that He can win with any hand that is dealt. Pain is apart of the refining process. But let me disclose something, God doesn’t make bad things happen to induce a lesson. Bad things happen because we live in a fallen world. The intention of crisis is not to learn, but we can learn through crisis. Crisis in Hebrew is the same word for birthstone, which means to give birth to something new. It is our natural tendency to bail in times of trouble. God urges us to enter into these times with a greater awareness; not disorientation but reorientation for something new.


3. Purify your place

The place you are standing on right now is holy ground. Make a decision to recognize that no matter what circumstance you’re in, you’re on holy ground, because God has you right where you’re supposed to be. Be aware that you may be in a threshold moment. You can’t control what happens to you, but you can control what happens in you. Don’t get bitter, get better. You’re standing in the middle of God’s will.

Jehovah-Rapha means God, our healer. The sound ‘Rapha’ is the sound a lume makes when knitting a tapestry. God is knitting in you. He is working in you. He is healing you in the process. Acknowledge Him and trust in His promises ❤


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  1. Darlene Wilcox says:

    Lots of love your way darling. We will miss your beautiful smile and hugs this Christmas. How was your birthday cebration? Where did you go? Grams

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ALEXxCARTER says:

      Love you! It was such a great birthday and I am still on cloud 9 from when you visited💓 We went to a restaurant and our church had a girls night! They had a photo booth and cotton candy! super fub


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