5 Reasons Why Minimalism Takes You on More Adventures

Hi friends! After embracing a minimalist lifestyle and experiencing the fantastic effects it has had, I felt the need to share with you all. Hopefully it blesses you in some way 🙂

Before moving to California, I really took a harsh look at all my “stuff” and was horrified by all the things that were just wasting space. I realized those things could be enjoyed by someone else who really needs it. I also started to view items that I hadn’t used in years or months as dollar signs… which changed EVERYTHING and is a huge reason why I was able to move.

60/60 rule: Have you used it in the last 60 days? Will you use it in the next 60 days? If the answer is no to either of these questions, get rid of it!

Materialism holds us captive from the next grand adventure God has called for our lives.


Perks of minimalism:

  1. Freedom

“We buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like.” -Dave Ramsey

Let go of the pressures of the world, opinions and expectations so you can be aware and respond to the life you were called to live.

You can’t respond to the call on your life if your life is cluttered with stuff holding you back.

Imagine… you’ve been called to this amazing, life-chasing opportunity across the globe, but you have so much stuff. ‘Where is it all going to go? How much is it going to cost to pay for monthly storage? How much is it going to cost to ship it all oversees? Maybe it would just save me so much time and effort to stay where I am. Phew one less thing I have to worry about.’


2. Less clutter – Mind clarity

Studies have shown that by clearing out our closets, cars, homes, etc. it actually increases mental and emotional health! Having a cluttered space can conjure up anxiety and stress. We have iPhones with everything we need in one place… we are evolving past clutter. So jump on the bandwagon!


3. More time

Less stuff means fewer commitments and spending less time looking for things we need, when we need it. Having go-to outfits is a huge time saver, instead of trying a million things on just to go back to the first outfit again.  There is nothing more stressful than running late and not being able to find my phone, keys, wallet, sunglasses, etc. I have ripped apart my bedroom trying to find something so I make it on time for work. Only to come home after a long day to a cluttered, messy house.


4. Boosts your self-confidence

Having go-to clothes that are sure to make us feel and look good will boost our confidence. Rather than trying on a million things just to remind ourselves of clothes that used to fit us or things that just don’t look right on our body type.


5. More money

Buying less stuff equals spending less money equals having more money! Also by transforming into a minimalist lifestyle, you can get rid of all of your stuff by selling it on apps like Poshmark and Letgo! I’ve made over $500 on Poshmark.

I hope this post has inspired or encouraged you in some way! God bless ❤






2 Comments Add yours

  1. Darlene Wilcox says:

    Your right about that girl friend! Is the California sunshine keeping you warm? When are you leaving for Nicaragua and how long will you be there? You will be missed by family and friends! I love you, be careful with your life dear, it is a gift from God. He expects you to protect his gift. Where will you go then and how long will you be there? You hold a special place in my heart. Lucky to be your Grams

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ALEXxCARTER says:

      I leave on December 12th! I will be in Nicaragua for 5 weeks and Belize for 5 weeks then 1 more week in Pismo to debrief. I love you very much! Lucky to be your granddaughter 💓


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