Pink Skies

This past weekend our DTS drove our huge van through the windy roads along the cliffs to Big Sur. No service meant we were left with Tamara’s CDs lol. We sang to old pop songs and screamed every once and awhile as we made a sharp turn near the edge. We arrived just as the sun was setting. We quickly set up our tent and decided to keep the rain guard off so we could watch the stars as we fell asleep. As soon as the tent was up, we booked it down to the beach. The beach is tucked away between two giant cliffs. The waves crash violently against the rocks, which create crazy 10-foot waves right on the shore. The whole place screams of God’s power and beauty simultaneously at work. The sky was painted in brilliant colors; pink shining the brightest.

Pink skies always remind me of Suzanne Snyder. I never had the chance or honor of meeting her; she passed away 3 years ago from breast cancer. Still, her legacy lives on so strongly and prevalent in the lives of people I love and even my own life. She was a strong believer whose faith runs in her children and myself. I am inspired to have such contagious faith like her own. It wasn’t necessarily anything that she said that stuck with me, but how she lived her life so graciously, selflessly, and boldly. I’ve heard so many stories about her but one that has always stuck with me encompasses what it truly means to be Christian to me.

She was very sick and going through chemo. Her children and their friends would come to her for advice and go on and on about their problems. Suzanne would sit there listening intently. She would have to interrupt their time to get up and throw up in the bathroom but would be right back to console them and give advice. She was in pain and had so much to complain about, but put her problems aside to serve others. When Christ suffered on the cross, He said, “Forgive them Father for they do not know what they are doing.” He didn’t complain or cry out for the hell He was enduring, instead He thought about His people’s relationship with the Father. Being Christ-like is to contain ones own suffering for the sake of others. I cannot wrap my head around how eternally grateful I am to serve and know such a gracious, faithful God.


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