The Modern Day Girl Next Door

There is a very real, disturbing, overwhelmingly close to home reality of prostitution, human trafficking, and sexual exploitation happening, that the average Westerner has been completely blinded to and sheltered from. We have been tricked into thinking that a lust-filled, consumer mindset is healthy, celebrated, acceptable and/or normal. The industry has brainwashed us into thinking women are functioning at their full capacity and design when they are submitting, silent, and being marketed, consumed and/or used. There is a lie that the woman offering herself by laying down her rights as a human being and devaluing herself to be used for entertainment purposes on a porn site, the streets, strip club, or social media, genuinely wants this particular life. The reality is that the girl next door has been deceived, threatened, tricked, enslaved, trapped and/or abused and is scared, empty, lost, and hopeless.

Dear woman,

You are chosen and set apart. You have something extremely unique and profound to bring to the table. There is an extraordinary purpose for your life. You are worth so much more than Instagram likes, someone checking you out, or how flat your tummy is. You are enjoyable and funny. Your voice is strong and a necessary force in this evolving world. You are noticed and loved. You are a light to be reckoned with. You are cherished and worth dying for. You have permission to cry, to heal, to reconcile, to laugh, to scream, to dance, to create, to imagine, to dream big, to play, to wonder, to ask questions, to speak life, to fall apart, to encourage, and to praise. Your sunshine is contagious. You are accepted and inspiring. You are a mighty warrior with no limitations. This world is your playground. You deserve to be hugged and listened to. You deserved to be waited for. Your body is a beautiful wonder and temple of art, that is to be protected and cherished. Your mind is complex and extraordinary and deserves to be challenged and heard. Your ideas and feelings are worthwhile and valid. You are free from all bondage, past, sin, and shame. You are redeemed. You are fearless, kind, and wildly delightful. You are not, you have never been, and you will never be alone.


The feminist movement is beautiful, powerful, and necessary in many ways… but it is imperative to be aware of the downfalls, holes and inconsistencies in any movement, in order to be sustainable, taken seriously, remain proactive, and evidently fulfill its vision and purpose. There is a huge contradiction in women asking society and peers to take them seriously and “look into my eyes when I’m talking to you”, yet seemingly and generally cannot come into alignment with a culture that can penetrate the surface. It is not only damaging, but also hypocritical to compliment our peers only based off the appearance of one’s body, rather than noticing and celebrating ones diligence in getting an education, creativity, speaking skills, taste in music, eye for decor, cooking and baking skills, athleticism, family values, street smarts, sense of humor, drive, self-control, integrity, optimism, generosity, humility, adaptability, expressiveness, sensitivity, loyalty, spontaneity, confidence, peacefulness, etc.


If we want to live in a society that looks beyond the surface, we must ourselves promote looking beyond the surface by leading by example. We must unravel centuries of propaganda, perceptions, assuming, patterns of thinking, habits of gossiping, slut-shaming, and body-shaming that we have been taught and cultured into believing as correct or settling as “that’s just the way we are”. Our entire perspective must shift and will shift when we realize that we have the power to create the culture, we ARE the society we’re frustrated with, and we set the tone of the atmosphere that defines acceptance and self-worth differently. This applies to the culture of social media as well. Things begin to transform in our immediate focal groups and the future surrounding world when we discover and live in the confidence and responsibility that we directly impact our surroundings by the thoughts, images, words, and actions we choose to produce.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” -Gandhi

Our lives and world begin to transform when we realize that the people we read about in history and today that are doing crazy, bold, monumental, revolutionary things, simply had the guts to say “I want a better future for my kids”, followed through in their day-to-day lives, practiced what they preached, were consistent in the public eye as well as behind closed doors, were fearless enough to be vulnerable, stepped out, wouldn’t settle, risked failure, and in fact, embraced failure, because the fear of never trying at all was worth the risk.


I encourage us to compliment each other on our unique giftings and personalities rather than objectifying each other’s bodies and celebrating unhealthy weight loss. I encourage us to break down conventional, irrational barriers. If we want a friendlier, more loving, accepting world, we must say “hi” more, notice more, encourage more, speak out more, care more, go out of our way more, invest in others more, affirm more, admire more, know when to say “no” more, serve more and love more. I understand that this is a huge issue and I have only begun to scratch the surface. My one blog post in no way justifies or gives a clear-cut, black n white solution to a century wide problem. It is my hope that I can expose my own observations in my circle and the broader spectrum and offer an idea towards restoration, kindness and love to open up a much-needed conversation.


As always, I hope you gained something from entering into my mind for a bit and I’d love to continue this conversation in the comment section or you can reach me directly through the contact tab ❤

Be blessed,



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Your Grandma says:

    We are proud of the work your doing and the compassion you have for those your helping. Your shining a light into a dark corner. Your Grams

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ALEX CARTER says:

      Thank you Grandma💓 That means so much to me!! I love you and miss you lots


  2. Mommy says:

    Wow – beautiful and so on point! Showing a person is valued means noticing and appreciating thier uniquiness. Your insights deserve a large platform – humanity needs you to have a broader platform.. I’d love to see this published in newspapers

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ALEX CARTER says:

      Thank you mommy you’re my biggest fan😍❤️ means the world


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