I Know Nothing

There once was a boy who absolutely adored a river. Every day he would walk along the river, studying every pebble, current, and ripple. He danced along the bank and splashed around in the cool water. He loved every part of the river and couldn’t get enough. He wanted to know all there was to possibly know about it. As he grew older and older, he remained faithful to his love of the river. Until one day… he looked up and there was an ocean. He was utterly overwhelmed with the vast, deep, awe-inspiring body of water. He fell to his knees as tears fell down his face, discovering that the race for discovery could never be finished. He was completely and totally grateful that he could never arrive.


Lately, my world has been totally wrecked with impending revelation in the best way possible. Challenging theologies, unsettling world events, and close to home profound, indescribable moments and encounters have radically expanded my reverence and view of the cosmic, yet relational Christ. Walking with God is a walk of never-ending learning, adventures, and discovery full of humbling, sacred moments, truth that hits all at once yet somehow feels like it was there all along, and the sweet, peaceful surrender of being a know it all. There will always be more to know and get to know. We are promised to remain eternally captivated and awe-struck by His unlimited love, hope, and glory. How wildly reassuring to know that we have only just scratched the surface.

“And the four living creatures, each of them with six wings, are full of eyes all around and within, and day and night they never cease to say,

“Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord God Almighty,
    who was and is and is to come!”

-Revelation 4:8


“We try to name the universe, we try to think we have some massive insight into the metaphysical reality of everything… The more you learn the more you realize what you don’t know. The more your world explodes and breaks open, the more questions you ask… Inside the fragile, fleshly frame of each individual, there is this vast internal universe… one of those worlds is running on planets, asteroids, stars, comets, interstellar dust and emerges from those properties and the other of course is emerging from 86 billion neurons and countless dendrites and geocells… the individual subjective world is a smaller infinite set than the larger macro reality.”
– Philosophy and Radical Theology (The Liturgists Podcast)


In All Things New, John Eldredge proposes that the journey of discovery will not end when we die. Entering into paradise with the One we love the most will open up an entirely new asset of learning materials. We will be able to hear about our history from the ones who lived it themselves. Mary will retell the stories from the hidden days of Jesus’ boyhood. The table will go silent in anticipation as Adam and Eve step forward to explain the backstory behind naming each animal. Galileo will give lectures on the stars. Lincoln will teach classes on the Civil War. There is so much to look forward to. The best is yet to come.


Feel free to continue this conversation by reaching out to me personally with any questions or comments via email at acarter2015@yahoo.com !!

Be blessed ❤


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  1. Darlene Wilcox says:

    It’s your grandmother darling I love you TONS! The world will be beautiful again when I can see you and hold you in my arms. God bless you darling! Muz

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ALEX CARTER says:

      Love you!! Cannot wait to be back with you❤️


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