How to STOP BINGE Eating!

Some tips and tricks that have helped me end my bad relationship with food. Food is fuel not comfort or the enemy ❤

BOHO, CHIC Room Decor!!

I figured since I was moving, it would be nice to do a room decor blog for future inspiration!

Microwave Culture

Today, waiting is not popular. Hate to burst your bubble but overnight success is a lie…

The Butterfly Effect

What if a butterfly never knew it could fly? What if it still identified itself as a caterpillar, crawling in the dirt with beautiful, able wings on its back? What if I told you, you are the butterfly?


Had such an amazing time at Yosemite! Thank you God for making such a creative, magnificent playground for us to explore ❤

My Psalm

Our leader this week taught on worship!! Worship is not excluded to singing… it is how we spend our time and energy in every moment. So we must ask ourselves, “what am I worshipping?” ❤

Rejoice in this DIVINE Romance

Very honest and vulnerable post… it is important to expose our sins, not for God to accept us, but to free ourselves from guilt and shame so we may encounter Him ❤

In the beginning…

Diving into the intricate, infinite, and limitless character and nature of God ❤

Let go of your back up plan…

Blessings on blessings on blessings… I am just in awe of how incredibly blessed I am. I can’t help but to look around and marvel at the beauty that is all around us ❤